County Waterford/Dungarvan Ireland

December 7, 2017 – January 6, 2018

Yes, the road was long from California, but it led me to my family’s homeland of Ireland. How exciting is that?! My daughter Rachelle and I arrived in Dublin and quickly caught a bus to Waterford where we were graciously met by the lady of the home we would be sitting. She absolutely went out of her way to welcome us to Ireland and into her beautiful home. She had prepared a scrumptious dinner so we could relax and meet her family which included her husband, their daughter, their very sweet golden retriever/lab Phia (as in sophia) and Benji their lovable Shitzu.

They live in a beautifully renovated farmhouse located in the countryside. The views out the windows are like gazing upon a picture of a quiet Irish landscape. When you retreat upstairs, you can see all the way to the copper coast, where cloud formations cast an ever-changing view. After dinner and playing with the four-legged members of the family, it was lights out.

Phia came down with an ear infection and was taken to the vet the next day. Ear drops were prescribed, twice a day as well as pills. Phia is such a sweet girl, she never gave any trouble laying still for her drops or taking her pills.

Prior to their departure, we received explicit and welcomed instruction on the pet care of their two dogs, two cats and two chickens as well as the care and operations of their home. They were very kind to allow us the use of their car during our stay and took us to the nearby forest and ocean places where we could run the dogs… and boy do they love to go for car rides!!! Both get so excited with tails wagging and barking galore.

Soon the family was packed and on their way to Australia for their Holiday.

In the following weeks we ventured out with the dogs, discovering all sorts of sticks, branches even a flat soccer ball to fetch. Phil’s middle name should be “Chase” for she loves to be chased. Benji on the other hand is fixated on the cats outside. He will spend hours peering out the window, looking to catch a glimpse of one. And when the door opens ZOOM… he is out trying to catch one. It’s not much help when the cats calmly sit outside the patio window, knowing he can not get out on his own… they simply love to torment him. Not sure what he would do if the cats didn’t run one day… I actually think he would be confused and walk away. It is fun to watch how they all play with each other.

Our visit is mid-way through. Who knows what more adventures await, but one thing is for sure, the pets will be happy to see their owners return.